Karunn Kandoi: Six Sigma Champion


Karunn Kandoi

Karunn Kandoi

KarunnKandoi – the name that speaks for itself, has proved himself to be an example for those, who have had a very simple life with huge aspirations. He has been an inspiration to many students who have lost their hope of becoming successful, due to the difficult times that they had to go through. Coming from a middle-class simple family, Karunn Kandoi has showed the world how determination and hard work can inevitably bring success. After finishing his school, he got chance in the prestigious engineering college BIT, Bangalore and did remarkably well in the degree course. His tremendous hard work and determination had brought to him the opportunity of working with some of the best companies. Although his debut to the open market was through his uncle’s company Swastik Marble, his on campus recruitment brought a lot of prospects and opportunities to him.

In the year 2000, Karunn Kandoi finished his degree course in the BIT College, Bangalore. His first job was through this campus recruitment. His previous working experience and impressive personality had made him the very obvious choice for GE Medical or the General Electric Medical system. There he joined as the Quality and Configuration management lead and design engineer, for the company’s Bangalore office. His job at the GE Medical had been a turning point in his career, from where, he only looked forward and set his focus on aiming high. Karunn Kandoi has always believed that the higher you aim, the more you will achieve. He succeeded in receiving much support and recognition from the authorities due to his excellent ability of bringing new dimensions of profit and success to the company’s favour. He was well appreciated for his conceptualization and development of a way to reduce the man-hours for testing, up to 97%, for which a patent was filed. With GE Karunn Kandoi also got Six Sigma Green Belt certified a globally known practice for improving the quality and processes. Karunn has also got the prestigious GE’s Clinical excellence award.

KarunnKandoi also got associated with GE Elfun as business representative for India. Elfun is an organization of global GE employees and retirees committed to helping each other and society at large, building the spirit of the “GE family” as achievers, leaders, volunteers and peer-to-peer mentors. He did not restrict his zeal of helping others that he learnt from his parents to just the Elfun project, he also got associated with many old age homes and orphanages. This phase of his life helped him to understand that life has so much to offer and one should look beyond the restricted aim of personal gain.

Towards the end of the year 2001, Karunn Kandoi chose to further his education in the Unites States of America. He was offered to pursue MBA from the University of Washington, which he joined. His MBA course there was a completely self-funded one, because he worked as teaching assistant. His exemplary achievements included one more chapter from his course in the University of Washington, which was the best teaching certificate in the entire tenure of the teaching assistantship. After the second quarter Karunn Kandoi joined the European Tour. As a part of this tour, he went to places like Germany, London, Ireland , this trip helped him enhance the global perspective of business. At the end of the 3rd quarter of his MBA degree, he got the opportunity to join the Philips Medical System as a corporate intern. karun kandoi, karun kandoi microsoft.